Iceland: The Hestheimar Gastehaus and Pferdehof, Riding Icelandic Horses


September 8, 2014
After three days touring the southern coast of Iceland, including a hike along the Dyrholaey Peninsula,


a boat trip across the Glacial Lagoon Jokulsarlon, and viewing the Northern Lights from our hotel in Kalfafel,


our group returned to the Hestheimar for a late evening horseback ride in a cold drizzling rain.


My daughter Stella and I joined the group, bundled in rain gear. I felt like a giant astride my horse, but as we rode up the wide valley single file, fording a belly deep creek several times, the horses proved to be surefooted and tough as they ascended and descended the steep banks above the creek.

Following the ride, we showered and put on dry clothes and had another fantastic meal in the dining room and another warm night in our cabin (joined by a friendly goat).




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