Little Traveling Tips

Good advice from a savvy traveler

The Traveling Teen

There are so many tips for traveling, depending on where you’re going and how long your staying, what the weather is like, the list goes on and on. But here are just a few quick tips I’ve learned on the road to make traveling less of a hassle.
• if you’re taking your passport, keep it and all your important possessions(money, credit card, ID’s, etc.) in a passport holder around your neck, or you could learn the hard way to do that with a band of gypsies(true story) and get pick pocketed.
• roll your clothes up in your suitcase, it’ll help with creases and save space.
• if you want to take pillows or anything puffy, get one of those compressor bags that you can use without a vacuum and put it in there. They sell them at Walmart for cheap.
• don’t always trust “waterproof” bags. Double bag…

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