I can’t think of a better way to start my blog than by posting a picture of my spirit animal, a frequent visitor to my front yard, a roadrunner. I’ve seen a few roadrunners in the wild, but mainly in West Texas, specifically, Big Bend, which is a special place for me for a lot of reasons. I was completely surprised upon moving to Arkansas to discover that we were in the extreme range for roadrunners, and the house we bought, was situated on a ridge outside of town that supports not only roadrunners, but tarantulas and scorpions. So our home has a Southwest flavor, which made moving to the deep South from Colorado palatable, or slightly more palatable.

I’ve always loved seeing roadrunners. They are beautiful in their markings, and they seem especially wild and exotic. And while seeing a roadrunner isn’t exactly rare, it has been uncommon enough for me to associate special significance to a roadrunner sighting. On the day that I had to put Dexter, my golden retriever to sleep, in order to ease his suffering, a roadrunner strolled across my front lawn. On the anniversary of another loved pet’s death, a roadrunner, this roadrunner, climbed my front porch and pecked at its reflection in my storm door. I can’t chalk that up to coincidence. I’d rather think of it as experiencing the divine, however it chooses to manifest itself.

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